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How to Scan and Optimize Computer by Expert Mode

PowerBooster provides an easy way to run a fast, effect scan on the main areas and items of your computer, find out problems and display details for results, clean and fix the detected issues with one click!

Step 1 Scan Computer:

1 Click on the  tab, you will enter the window.

2 One the Care Window, there are 6 items, you can choose any item or all items to scan by simply tick or untick it. Select All box enables you to select all these features by one tick. Besides, when you move your mouse onto each item, you can set this item by clicking the button next to it.

3 After finished selecting your desired items, just click the button, meanwhile, PowerBooster will start to scan your computer automatically. During scanning, you can click Skip button to skip items or Stop button to stop scanning.

Step 2:Optimize Computer

1 Once the full scan finished, the scanning results would be displayed clearly below.

2 After the scanning completes, you can clean and fix the detected computer problems by clicking button and click button to move back to the Care window if you do not want to repair.